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How to build a Docker image

Building a new Docker image for the OPC-UA IotAgent can be useful if you want to integrate your changes without relying on Docker volumes.

The operation is quite easy:

cd iotagent-opcua
docker build -t <registry-name/hub-user>/<repo-name>:<version-tag> .

docker build -t johndoe/opcuaDoeAgent:1.0 .

Be aware that using an existing Docker Hub username is required to push the image to Docker Hub

Behind a proxy

Assuming http_proxy environment variable is available for the current shell, run:

docker build --build-arg http_proxy=$http_proxy --build-arg https_proxy=$http_proxy -t <registry-name/hub-user>/<repo-name>:<version-tag> .

If this variable is not set, then before running the above command execute:

export http_proxy='http://<proxy-user>:<proxy-password>@<proxy-host>:<proxy-port>'

Docker Secrets

Coming soon ... IDM ...

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