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VeDebug is the first video-based time-travel regression debugging tool to advance users' debugging experience. VeDebug introduces two unique features: (1) regression debugging, i.e., setting a "divergence breakpoint" (which "breaks" the execution whenever the control flow of the current execution diverges from the flow of a previously captured execution), and (2) video debugging, which provides features similar to those of a video player (e.g., speed up/slow down the replay). The demo video for VeDebug can be found at:

The screenshot shows VeDebug debugging environment: current statement and context (top-left), argument values and video status (bottom-left), current stack trace (top-right), and execution trace and the current position in the trace (bottom-right).



If you use VeDebug in your research, we request you to cite our ICSE'22 Demo paper. Thank you!

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