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Eclipse Editors for Polyglot Maven

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This is done to make minimalist Gradle Editor, and play with Eclipse Editor API, and then maybe find some foundation for Editors in Nodeclipse, but it just as it.

And now there are simple editors for .atom and .groovy/.gy for Polyglot Maven


Build locally with maven mvn package, then check for update site archive in

In running Eclipse IDE, choose Help -> Install and choose the update site archive.

To Develop

  • Import org.nodeclipse.enide.editors.pom.atom as existing Eclipse project in Eclipse with PDE (e.g. Eclipse Standard or Enide Studio)
  • open plugins.xml
  • click Launch an Eclipse application in Debug mode

Possible things to consider

  • Check open issues


Minimalist .proto files Editor (for Protocol Buffers and gRPC)

<-- drop this icon on Eclipse main toolbar to install, or visit
see releases

Using ProtoBuf proto3 version

Well, first the was an idea "I can do an Editor for that", when I looked over *.proto files in a project. Then I did a proper research and found protobuf-dt plugin. But after trying it for a few days, I found that using it (as of 2016-11-1):

  • #12 other languages options are treated as errors,
  • #13 imports like import "google/protobuf/empty.proto"; cant be resolved and become errors,
  • #11 validation errors turn project into red (even if everything works fine, Eclipse will be asking confirmation for any launch within a project),
  • #14 after disabling validation, still keeps changing .project file to add org.eclipse.xtext.ui.shared.xtextBuilder and validates all files
  • #15 including those inside maven target folder (that will find TODOs left by ProtoBuf creators).

Part of these issues are possibly be caused by XText approach and limitations, so they likely won't be fixed soon.

XText is not small dependency, while the whole Minimalist Editor is less than 25KB in size.

Latest version 2.3.0 of protobuf-dt requires at least Neon, while this minimalist Editor should work from Neon downto Kepler "and beyond".

It took couples of hours to [hard]code/test from within polyglot-maven-editors, and 2 more to release all out.

Best regards,
Paul Verest
Happy developing!

See how Automatically generate Java from .proto with maven/m2e in Eclipse IDE

PPS. There has been also Editor plugin made in 2008 by Arno Schmidmeier (very close, no preferences, no string highlight, rpc and service from gPRC not known of course)
and protoclipse (not tried).