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Enigma 1.30

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@alochmann alochmann released this 26 Aug 20:35
· 91 commits to master since this release

Changes in Version 1.30 (relative to 1.21)

User-Visible Changes

  • New translations: Bosnian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, and Slovene
  • New game objects: forward floors, glass marble, st_inkwell, st_portal_glass, st_document, st_pebble
  • 116 new main-pack levels (now a total of 1100 main-pack levels, plus 22 tutorials, 1119 sokoballs, 95 pentominoes, 268 dejavus, and 2 training levels; altogether 2606)
  • window can be resized
  • middle mouse key can be customized

Internal changes

  • switched from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0
  • several bug fixes
  • support for additional tilesets
  • use of tinygettext instead of gettext

List of shortcomings / known bugs

  • Rescaling the application window introduces graphical artifacts: Better use fixed window sizes for now.
  • Not all fullscreen modes are available yet, in particular no vertical screen modes. If you use a vertical screen, please use Enigma in windowed mode.
  • On Windows 7, after playing or finishing a level, the mouse cursor is trapped inside Enigma's window (but not frozen). Enigma can still be operated and exited via the main menu or the game menu, though.