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EnigmaLink - Secure file sharing using EnigmaBridge platform
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EnigmaLink is a web service for secure end-to-end private file sharing.

Documents are encrypted and stored in your own Google Drive and neither Enigma Bridge nor any prying eyes can see them without links, which are created here and shared by you.


Once you upload a new document, it is automatically to encrypted onto your own cloud drive (Google Drive). The document can then be shared through a secure link to friends or colleagues or simply between your own devices.

Your browser will generate a QR code for each document. You can scan that with a smartphone or tablet and forward via a different network as an email, text, or tweet … or print it.

Documents are encrypted with a state-of-the-art AES hardware encryption and stored in your own Google Drive account. Neither Enigma Bridge nor any prying eyes can see your documents without the links (or QR codes) that are generated by your own browser.

For more information see our web presentation.


  • JavaScript client uploader & downloader. End-to-end encryption.
  • AES-256-GCM encryption.
  • HMAC-SHA-256 for meta-data protection.
  • Using Enigma Bridge HW powered encryption.
  • No state stored on EnigmaLink servers. Server is just a very simple proxy (one PHP file).
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