A simple IP camera viewer with automatic display control via Raspberry Pi.
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This is an remote IP camera viewer for the raspberry pi. The raspberry pi is connected to a cheap automobile backup camera display via composite video. Pygame displays the image stream from the camera on the display. RPi.GPIO controls the VCC input of the display to turn on the camera when this script receives a system signal.

This is intended to be run alongside the Motion package (http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion/WebHome). When Motion detects movement on the camera it sends a signal to this script to turn on the display and to turn up the fps of the image stream. Once the Motion event is over another signal is sent to this script to turn the screen back off and to decrease the fps of the image stream.

This script is written by Ryan McGuire. I don't make any IP claims on this script, you can use it however you wish. It is public domain or MIT licenced, your choice.


  1. Physically hookup the raspberry pi to the display, wire the VCC cable to pin number 11 on the GPIO header of the raspberry pi (this is so the script can automatically turn on the display.)

  2. Configure the WEBCAM_URL below to use the right URL for your IP camera.

  3. Run: python2 image.py

  4. Configure Motion to send the signal to the script when it detects movement (see motion.conf)


  1. If you want to turn on the display manually you can send the signal manually:

    pkill --signal 21 -f "python2 image.py"    # Turns the display ON
    pkill --signal 20 -f "python2 image.py"    # Turns the display OFF