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from bbfreeze import Freezer
import os
import sys
import shutil
## This will build a standalone exe version of the app
## Run on any windows machine, no python install necessary.
## Props to the bbfreeze team for sure, but this file is still a MAJOR CLUDGE!
install_root = "target"
install_path = "steamgamefaqs"
# clean the target directory
if os.path.isdir(install_root):
# The project needs to be built first
# (This seems REALLY cludgy)
import setup
# ARG! I can get bbfreeze to include all the 3rd party packages just fine,
# but it doesn't grab the ones from the stdlib! This is just a list of the ones
# I grabbed from sys.modules when it was running.
f = Freezer(os.path.join(install_root,install_path), includes=(
shutil.copyfile(os.path.join("scripts","run_server.bat"), os.path.join(install_root,"start_steam_gamefaqs.bat"))