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Blogofile Contributors
Blogofile and the blogofile_blog plugin were created by:
Ryan McGuire <>
Since May-2012 the project has been maintained and developed by:
Doug Latornell <>
The following people have contributed code, documentation, bug
reports, enlightened discussion, etc. to the project:
Michael Bayer
Nick Craig-Wood
Sean Davis
Nicolas Dumazet
Ron DuPlain
John Feminella
Thomas Gstädtner
Seth de l'Isle
Jaemok Jeong
Tshepang Lekhonkhobe
Julian Melville
Mike Pirnat
Ravikiran Rajagopal
Brandon Craig Rhodes
Matthew R. Scott
Wasil Sergejczyk
Brandon Stafford
Michael Stapelberg
Klein Stéphane
Manuel Strehl
Ashish Tonse
Thomas Weißschuh
W. Matthew Wilson
David Wolever
Peter Zsoldos
Ant Zucaro
Thank you, one and all!
The above list is derived primarily from the git log. If you think
your name should be there and its not, or you want it changed somehow
(add your email address for example), please submit a pull request, or
email Doug.
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