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Fix writer path issue when copying regular files.

This was found by Brandon Rhodes here
and was applied to the plugins branch. Need to merge it to master as well.
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1 parent f89a8f6 commit 9f6a94cfebe0cbd49b23ad125bd1e5365c470ad5 @EnigmaCurry committed Mar 10, 2011
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@@ -115,9 +115,9 @@ def __write_files(self):
#Copy this non-template file
f_path = util.path_join(root, t_fn)
logger.debug("Copying file: " + f_path)
- if and os.path.exists(path):
- logger.warn("Location is used more than once: {0}".format(f_path))
out_path = util.path_join(self.output_dir, f_path)
+ if and os.path.exists(out_path):
+ logger.warn("Location is used more than once: {0}".format(f_path))
# Try hardlinking first, and if that fails copy

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