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A Blogofile blog plugin
Python CSS Mako JavaScript HTML
Latest commit 60e48f1 @EnigmaCurry Version 0.8.3
Adds context parameter to filters. This can be used for to pass
additional data to the filter. This can be used, for example, in a mako
template filter where you need both the template text and the template context.


This is a Blogofile plugin that implements a basic blog engine.

It provides a collection of Mako template files along with CSS and ancillary files, all derived from the HTML5Boilerplate project. It also provided Blogofile configuration, controllers, filters, and commands to allow you to create a simple blog engine that requires no database and no special hosting environment.

The templates include features like:

Use them or remove them as you wish.

There's also a few sample posts to show off:

  • Syntax highlighting for code snippets
  • Unicode support
  • Basic Markdown syntax

Customize the Mako templates, create posts in reStructuredText, Markdown, or Textile, (or even plain HTML) and blogofile generates your entire blog as plain HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, and Atom/RSS feeds which you can then upload to any old web server you like. No database. No CGI or scripting environment on the server. Just fast, secure static content!

Take a look at the blogofile project docs for a quick-start guide, and detailed usage instructions.

Or create a virtualenv and dive right in with:

pip install -U blogofile
pip install -U blogofile_blog
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