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Need to decode unicode posts in python 2 #10

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dairiki commented Jun 19, 2012

Without this, unicode in posts results in errors when running under py2.
This fixes, I think, EnigmaCurry/blogofile#122.

Note: I've not tested this under py3 (though I have attempted not to break things.)

@dairiki dairiki Reintroduce the .decode() which was dropped in 8766e13
Without this, unicode in posts results in errors in py2.
E.g. EnigmaCurry/blogofile#122
@dairiki dairiki referenced this pull request in EnigmaCurry/blogofile Jun 19, 2012

Unicode problems on mac os #122


Thanks for figuring this out! It does indeed resolve EnigmaCurry/blogofile#122.

The six library is already a dependency via the blogofile core, so I just used the change to So, I accepted this pull request in spirit even though I didn't actually merge it.

dairiki commented Jun 20, 2012

No problem!

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