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LDJam44 Repo

Project Kanban Board

Development Environment Setup


  • Git
  • Unity 2019 (Version 2019.1.0f2)

Jam Objectives

  • Have fun!
  • Learn new things
  • Deliver a simple, but fun experience

Project Guidelines

  • All work must happen against Github tickets.
  • Ticket you are working on should be assigned to you and in the “In Progress” column
  • Only work on 1, or at most, 2 tickets at a time
  • If you wish to work on a ticket outside your role consult the PM or Design Lead first
  • If a ticket is taking a lot more work than you expected, reach out to the group
  • The Lead for each role makes all final decisions about his area of focus
  • Every ticket that is finished should result in a Git commit with the new assets
  • Any team member may create a ticket for work they think is needed
  • All tickets should have a Role label
  • You may push directly to master or open a PR and merge, if you prefer

Unity Guidance

  • Each person should have one personal folder in the project
  • Do not touch or modify contents in anyone else's personal folder
  • For any Final Game Scene, only one person may be working on it at a time
  • If you do not have an In-Progress Ticket in Zube for one of the Final Game Scenes, you may not change the scene


  • SilasReinagel: Project Manager/Director/Programming
  • Brad: Audio Lead/Composer/Sound Effects
  • ZavixDragon: Lead Designer
  • sahilpohare: Lead Programmer
  • EzraIII: Programmer
  • shaddo: Art Lead/3D Modelling
  • GordyKeene: Lead Tester


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