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Branch 3.x

Re-Created from Scratch - The whole systems architecture has been changed

Version 3.5.0

  • Added: basic support for windows batch / bat file syntax
  • Added: dart language support - thanks to whiplashoo on GitHub
  • Added: dedicated MariaDB/MySQL language support mariadb
  • Added: dedicated Oracle Database language support oracledb (no special rules yet)
  • Added: dedicated MSSQL language support mssql (no special rules yet)
  • Added: dedicated PostgreSQL language support postgresql (no special rules yet)
  • Added: constraints to sql
  • Changed: splitted sql language into several types/dialects for further extension
  • Changed: removed pound style comments from generic sql support
  • Changed: removed keywords bigint and unsigned from generic sql support
  • Changed: droide theme color #009999 to #007f7f for higher contrast (WCAG) - thanks to aphelionz on GitHub
  • Changed: in case of a tokenizer error, the tokenizer will silently fail (output to console) instead of throwing an error - code will still be displayed but related tokens are missing
  • Bugfix: yaml integer numbers not highlighted
  • Bugfix: php variable and function names followed by single/double quotes were interpreted as name - thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: php method names which equals a keyword were highlighted as keyword - thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: php method calls on variables were interpreted as variable name - thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: latex command on first line not recognized - thanks to MamounImadRajab on GitHub
  • Bugfix: javascript regular expressions are match over multiple lines - thanks to mrdexters1 on Forums
  • Bugfix: tokenizer loop limit was calculated in total instead of per-rule
  • Bugfix: keywords of generic language requires a word-boundary before+after instead of a non word character - thanks to Irwanda04 on GitHub
  • Bugfix: allow any non-whitespace chars in sql column name literals
  • Bugfix: added missing string keyword to c# type list
  • Bugfix: pound and double-slash style comments also matched the last character before the comment

Version 3.4.0

  • Added: keyword k11 for annotations
  • Added: keyword x16 for css element selectors
  • Added: contextual keywords to csharp - thanks to mabako on GitHub
  • Added: kotlin string template support
  • Added: r language support (covered by generic ruleset)
  • Added: MikroTik RouterOS language support (ros/mikrotik/switchos/routeros/mt)
  • Added: pound style comment support to php
  • Changed: css selector fragment highlighting is limited to the selector itself
  • Changed: enhanced css unit parsing
  • Changed: java, scala, cpp annotation token changed to k11
  • Changed: added token k11 to themes
  • Changed: moved generic highlighting rules to lang/rulesets/generic
  • Changed: ampersandCleanup is performed after html escape sequences to eliminate issues related to double unquoting #109
  • Changed: toggle raw code label to "Plain text"
  • Changed: allowed utf8 characters in php variable and function names (side effect of the php parser)
  • Bugfix: vhdl single bit highlighting collided with attribute syntax - thanks to tyriun on GitHub
  • Bugfix: css classnames/ids with hyphens were not recognized
  • Bugfix: XML mixins of single/double quotes in attributes failed #108
  • Bugfix: dot char within XML attribute names not recognized
  • Bugfix: kotlin raw string where not correctly parsed (wrong rule priority)
  • Bugfix: highlighting color of classic theme not applied due to invalid selectors - thanks to woolseyj on GitHub

Version 3.3.0

  • Added: apachehttpd/htaccess support
  • Added: lighttpd support
  • Added: nginx support
  • Added: purebasic support - thanks to gphilippot on GitHub
  • Added: latex/tex support
  • Changed: theme font sizes + line-height are based on relative em values - only the font size of the outer wrapper is set explicitly
  • Changed: removed "function" highlighting regex from sql
  • Bugfix: [engine] possible overlapping matches of multitype tokens in case submatches are equal

Version 3.2.0

  • Added: verilog support - thanks to t123yh on GitHub
  • Added: collapse option to limit the maximal height
  • Added: integer highlighting for sql
  • Added: modular configurable toolbar system using placeholders
  • Added: collapse mode
  • Added: browser based tooltips to the buttons (title attribute)
  • Bugfix: powershell commands can also expressed lowercase (camel-case not required) - thanks to krysiekBP on GitHub
  • Bugfix: sql -- styles comments ignored due to invalid regex - thanks to petr-hybler on GitHub

Version 3.1.0

  • Added: additional css classes can be added to the outer container
  • Added: css classes of the origin element can be copied to the outer container (disabled by default)
  • Added: additional shell script aliases sh and zsh - feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: language instance cache via factory - already used language class instances can be re-used
  • Changed: language aliases moved into language support files as static method
  • Changed: language instances are initialized via factory
  • Bugfix: rawcode on doubleclick doesn't work - event handler name typo
  • Bugfix: removed invalid c# annoation symbol #76
  • Bugfix: allow single escaped quotes \" in shell scripts
  • Bugfix: numbers were not highlighted in shell scripts

Version 3.0.1

  • License changed to Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Replaced MooTools Framework by native code - requires IE >= 10
  • NEW Highlighting Engines - every language support file has been rewritten
  • Gulp based build-system
  • ES6 Syntax using babeljs as transpiler
  • Library is build and optimized with rollup.js
  • UI components build with jsx - but without native react
  • All Themes are transformed to LESS
  • New Tokenizer Engine including a two stage analyzer
  • Excessive Performance Optimizations
  • The complete javascript code is capsuled within a closure and is only exposed by the window.EnlighterJS object
  • Highlighting can be removed at any time (elements will be removed from DOM)
  • Removed the last pieces of Lighter.js codebase

New/Deprecated Features

  • Added jQuery (jQuery.fn.x) enlight() extensions
  • Added: ECMA6 Support to Javascript Engine
  • Added: Copy to clipboard button
  • Added: horizontal scroll option
  • Added: GO Support
  • Added: RUST Support
  • Added: YAML Support
  • Added: Kotlin support
  • Added: TypeScript support
  • Added: Groovy support
  • Added: LESS Support
  • Added: SASS/SCSS Support
  • Added: Dockerfile Support
  • Added: CSS Level3 Support
  • Added: Powershell Support
  • Added: VisualBasic NET/Classic Support
  • Added: Swift Support
  • Added: QML Support
  • Added: VHDL Support
  • Added: ABAP Support (simple)
  • Added: Prolog Support (simple)
  • Added: Cordpro Support (simple)
  • Added: Bootstrap4 Theme
  • Added: Dracula Theme (dark, following draculatheme colors)
  • Added: Monokai Theme (dark)
  • Removed: Lighter.js legacy themes (Git, Mocha, MooTools, Panic, Tutti, Twilight)
  • Removed: most keyword lists from language files (direct regular expressions are used)