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  • License changed to Mozilla Public License 2.0
  • Replaced MooTools Framework by native code - requires IE >= 10
  • NEW Highlighting Engines - every language support file has been rewritten
  • Gulp based build-system
  • ES6 Syntax using babeljs as transpiler
  • Library is build and optimized with rollup.js
  • UI components build with jsx - but without native react
  • All Themes are transformed to LESS
  • New Tokenizer Engine including a two stage analyzer
  • Excessive Performance Optimizations
  • The complete javascript code is capsuled within a closure and is only exposed by the window.EnlighterJS object
  • Highlighting can be removed at any time (elements will be removed from DOM)
  • Removed the last pieces of Lighter.js codebase

New/Deprecated Features

  • Added jQuery (jQuery.fn.x) enlight() extensions
  • Added: ECMA6 Support to Javascript Engine
  • Added: Copy to clipboard button
  • Added: YAML Support
  • Added: Kotlin support
  • Added: TypeScript support
  • Added: Groovy support
  • Added: LESS Support
  • Added: SASS/SCSS Support
  • Added: Dockerfile Support
  • Added: CSS Level3 Support
  • Added: Powershell Support
  • Added: VisualBasic NET/Classic Support
  • Added: Swift Support
  • Added: Prolog Support (simple)
  • Added: Bootstrap4 Theme
  • Added: Dracula Theme (dark, following draculatheme colors)
  • Removed: Lighter.js legacy themes (Git, Mocha, MooTools, Panic, Tutti, Twilight)
  • Removed: most keyword lists from language files (direct regular expressions are used)
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@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Jun 5, 2017 · 14 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added: Kontlin Language Support - thanks to kevcodez on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Fixed Websites Theme Chooser

@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Apr 23, 2016 · 17 commits to master since this release

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@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Nov 17, 2015 · 20 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added: Cython Language support - thanks to DevynCJohnson on GitHub
  • Added: Squirrel Language support - thanks to DevynCJohnson on GitHub
  • Added: General Assembly Language support - feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: LUA Language support
  • Added: Minimal Theme (bright, high contrast)
  • Added: Atomic Theme (dark, colorful)
  • Added: Rowhammer Theme (light)
  • Added: new social buttons to the website
  • Added: contribution guidelines
  • Added: missing AVR Assembly features (used AVR-1022 reference)
  • Added: new AVR Assembly testcase/example
  • Added: support for multiple matching groups within patterns - thanks to Krusen on GitHub
  • Added: dispose() function to remove generated HTML from DOM - may required for high dynamic sites - feature requested on GitHub
  • Changed: used GFM style for the documentation (will break outdated MooTools-Forge markdown parser)
  • Changed: the file extensions of ThemeDevelopment and LanguageDevelopment are changed to .html because PHP is not needed anymore during language/theme development
  • Changed: removed some javascript keywords like stop, close
  • Bugfix: removed console.log debugging output from tokenizer
  • EnlighterJS has a new home

@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Aug 5, 2015 · 58 commits to master since this release

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  • Bugfix: the final character of highlighted code got removed by the tokenizer engine in case it's a text token with length=1 - thanks to dan-j on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Generic highlighting was accidentally removed from EnlighterJS

@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Aug 3, 2015 · 59 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Bugfix: Under some special conditions the tokenizer repeats the last sequence of a codeblock - thanks to Kalydon and dan-j on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Wrong CSS Meta Data within the new Themes

@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Jun 20, 2015 · 60 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added: Rust language support - feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: VHDL language support
  • Added: Matlab language support
  • Added: New Shell/Bash language engine
  • Added: New PHP language engine
  • Added: New CSS language engine - some styles have changed!
  • Added: Shell script example
  • Added: "MooTwo" theme inspired by the website
  • Added: "Godzilla" theme inspired by the MDN
  • Added: "Droide" theme
  • Added: New EnlighterJS Info Button (Toolbar)
  • Added: New Tokenizer Engine which increases the rendering performance by nearly 700%
  • Added: Manifest package.json file to load required Node.js dependencies via npm (required for the build process)
  • Moved: LanguageDevelopment.html and ThemeDevelopment.html back to the project root
  • Removed: Build/Sources.json file - replaced by .tmp/js.txt and .tmp/css.txt (list of all used source files - required for development only!)
  • Removed: Old Tokenizer Engines (Smart, Lazy, Tokenizer)
  • Removed: CSS Class unknown from un-highlighted tokens (text)
  • Bugfix: The Theme Selector of the language demo pages doesn't remove the default styles
  • Bugfix: Wrong highlighting class used for SQL comments
  • Changed: Smart Tokenizer Engine is used instead of the old Lazy Bruteforce matching
  • Changed: All Fonts of the modern Themes are replaced by "Source Code Pro" as default
  • Changed: CSS theme sources are converted to LESS
  • Changed: Classic Themes kw3 color switched with kw4
  • Changed: The hover css-class is now added to the outer ol,ul container instead of each li line - all themes have been adapted
  • Changed: Inline gif imaages are used for the button toolbar instead of png images (size optimization)
  • Many performance improvements
  • Reduced the CSS and JS file-size by massive sourcecode optimizations (43kB JS; 28KB CSS; including all Themes and Languages!)
  • New EnlighterJS Project Website

@AndiDittrich AndiDittrich released this Jun 10, 2015 · 65 commits to master since this release

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release 2.6.0