Sample application showing the usage of Kentico Cloud Delivery Typescript SDK in a plain Javascript application.
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Kentico Cloud Sample Javascript application

This sample application uses the Kentico Cloud Delivery TypeScript SDK to showcase how you can use the SDK in Javascript applications.


  • NodeJS
  • NPM > 3


Clone / download this repository, navigate to the root folder of this package and install node packages:

npm i

Run application

npm start

Your browser will open http://localhost:99/

Making changes

To use the Typescript SDK for Kentico Cloud you first need to prepare it for usage in your browser. For this you need to compile cloud-api.js with browserify:

browserify cloud-api.js -o bundle.js

You might need to install browserify like this:

npm i browserify -g

Note: If you don't see any changes after refreshing your browser, use CTRL + F5 to flush the browser's cache.