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Mastermind Client Server Game
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Mastermind Game Client and Server

This repo constains a implementation of the Mastermind Client Server game I've done for my 2nd semester in my 2nd year at NMCT.

Written in Java. Features Login/REgistration Play offline Play together with a friend Lobby management (kick,join,ban) Chat

Security considerations

This project contains some things that I wouldn't recommend you simulate or use in the real world unless you play with your friends. Please note that security wise it has some issues which I've tested and exploited but didn't fix since I'd rather leave it as a homework for cyber security enthousiasts. This repo will NEVER be updated again so I know that the passwords are stored in palintext and I didn't even bother to use MD5 or SHA1 since security wasn;t a priority while developing it. Secure development can take longer than normal development.


Clinciu Andrei (Client + Server code) Bram Debouvere (Client Graphics)


Licensed under GPL 3.0

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