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Elixir Nerves RaspberryPI experiments playing around and a fully working TM1638 module
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WARNING: Unfinished and Unmaintained (for the moment) - Code is rough around the edges!

This is a small experiment I did in 2017 by using Elixir with Nerves. It also contains a TM screen Module for the TM1638 module. I've written it before truly started learning how Elixir works so it may contain some stupid mistakes. However the TM1638 module is fully working!


Nerves applications produce images for hardware targets based on the MIX_TARGET environment variable. If MIX_TARGET is unset, mix builds an image that runs on the host (e.g., your laptop). This is useful for executing logic tests, running utilities, and debugging. Other targets are represented by a short name like rpi3 that maps to a Nerves system image for that platform. All of this logic is in the generated mix.exs and may be customized. For more information about targets see:

Getting Started

To start your Nerves app:

  • export MIX_TARGET=my_target or prefix every command with MIX_TARGET=my_target. For example, MIX_TARGET=rpi3
  • Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  • Create firmware with mix firmware
  • Burn to an SD card with mix firmware.burn

Learn more

Copyright and License

Copyright Clinciu Andrei Licensed under GPL 3.0

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