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enough-polish-installer added local settings
enough-polish-j2me fix for marking collection as dirty when removing a chunked entry
enough-polish-logviewer Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-accessible Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-animation code style improvement
enough-polish-sample-authenticate-facebook Added OAuth based authentication for Facebook plus sample app.
enough-polish-sample-blank minor updates like JavaDoc
enough-polish-sample-browser minor updates like JavaDoc
enough-polish-sample-chartitem Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-datefield Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-doja Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-email added exit dialog
enough-polish-sample-fisheye Implemented screen-change-animation-duration, direction, function-for…
enough-polish-sample-framedform improved code style
enough-polish-sample-java5 Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-localization easier run of customizations
enough-polish-sample-messaging support for native libraries for Android projects
enough-polish-sample-nutiteq cleaned up sample app
enough-polish-sample-pim Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-processing-tree added processing sample app
enough-polish-sample-rgbfilter Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-rmi-xmlrpc Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-rmi Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-roadrunner Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-rssbrowser preparing imminent 2.3 release
enough-polish-sample-serialization Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-tabbedform Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-tabbedpane Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-tableitem Initial commit
enough-polish-sample-wikipedia Initial commit
enough-polish-sysinfo Initial commit
enough-polish-website documentation for integrating native Android libraries
enough-webprocessor improved documentation
.gitignore added Eclipse .metadata directory testing markdown

J2ME Polish

by Enough Software

J2ME Polish is a framework for developers to create applications on J2ME, Blackberry and Android devices from a single source base.

It is dual-licensed under the GPL and a commercial license.

To kickstart development, read the tutorial


  • Applications and J2ME
  • Devices
  • Build Framework
  • Client Framework
  • Client Utilities
  • Android Port
  • Blackberry Port


  • Releases
  • Daily Builds
  • Bleeding Edge Git Version

Getting Started

  • Eclipse
  • Sample Projects
  • Documentation
  • Ask for Support

Repository Structure

  • Folder Structure
  • Branches
    • development an daily build on master
    • release stabilization and maintenance on releaseX.X.X
  • Tags
  • Commit Cycle

Stay In Touch

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