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Welcome to easy_accordion

easy_accordion is a plugin for jQuery that enables web developers to add simple 'more info' and 'less info' links and add accordion effects to hide and show info.

Getting Started

  1. Download easy_slider

  2. Add easy_slider and jQuery to your document

  3. Enjoy!

How to use

To use easy slider just add a link and a div (or any other element you wish to slide) and set that element id to the anchor on your link like so:


<div id="content">
  <a class="easy_accordion" href="#my_hidden_info">more info</a>
  <div id="my_hidden_info">
    info to show/hide


You only need to add easy_accordion to the selector of your choice

$(document).ready(function() {


Easy accordion support different options to customize your links:

plusText: 'more info' // text you want to display when choosing to display content
lessInfo: 'less info' // test you want to display when choosing to hide content
startHidden: true // Whether or not to start with all info hidden

In case you need to be specific about the element to affect easy_accordion supports a second parameter which is the selectr you want to affect

$("#wrapper").easy_accordion( { startHidde: false, lessText: "-", plusText: "+" }, "h4 span .accordion" )

This will affect all links with a class accordion inside a span that is at the same time inside an h4 element. Check the example in the project.