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Welcome to easy_twitter_timeline

easy_twitter_timeline is a plugin for jQuery that enables web developers to add a simple twitter timeline box of their favorite user.

Getting Started

  1. Download easy_twitter_timeline

  2. Add easy_twitter_timeline and jQuery to your document

  3. Enjoy!

How to use

To use easy twitter timeline just add a link and a div with id easy_twitter like this:


<div id="easy_twitter"></div>


You only need to add easy_accordion to the selector of your choice

$(document).ready(function() {


easy_twitter_timeline first parameter object supports 2 options:

username: 'jquery' // This is is the screen name of the user from whom you wish to load tweets
max:      20      // This is the max number of tweets you wish to load (20 being the max)

In case you need to be specific about the element to affect easy_twitter_timeline supports a second parameter which is the selectr you want to affect

$("#content").easy_twitter_timeline( { max: 10 }, "#boxes #twitter_box" )

This will only affect the div with id twitter_box which is under another div with id boxes.


Changing easy_twitter_timeline looks is as simple as creating a css file, this is the markup produced by easy_twitter_timeline not the one you need to create:

<div id="easy_twitter">
  <div id="easy_twitter_tweets">
    <ul id="easy_twitter_tweet_list">
      <li id="tweet_num_1" class="easy_twitter_tweet">
        <span class="tweet_user_thumb">
          <img alt="jquery" src="" class="profile_pic" />
        <span class="tweet_content">
        <a href="">jquery </a> jQuery JavaScript Templates Tutorial: Nesting Templates</span>
        <span class="easy_twitter_tweet_date">6 hours ago</span>