an extremely lightweight GTK+ battery tray icon
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#What is it?

slimebattery is one of the most lighweight battery systray icon you can find. It depends only on GTK+ and you must have 'acpi' installed. No other extra libs. It has sever handy command line options, and it supports your favorite icon theme (slimebattery supports faenza icon-theme, elementary and others).

#Examples slimebattery can show your battery percentage in different ways.

###slimebattery showing battery icon that updates data every minute slimebattery

slimebattery --interval 60

###slimebattery in text mode showing extra information slimebattery

slimebattery --text-mode --verbose --interval 10


  • gcc
  • gtk+-2.4
  • acpi

#Install $ make # make install

#Uninstall # make uninstall


Enrico "Enrix835" Trotta

email: enrico{DOT}trt{AT}gmail{DOT}com

Obviously: sed -e 's/{DOT}/./g' -e 's/{AT}/@/' README