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A silencer for evdev

Quick and dirty disable your /dev/input/ event sources for the rest of your system. evkill grabs evdev event sources in exclusive mode. This has the effect that no event will be forwarded as long as evkill runs. For portability the executable is statically linked with musl and cross compiled for various different architectures.


If you ever tried to disable a piece of hardware, you probably found yourself considering the following options:

  1. Unplug the device
  2. Unload the driver for the device (modprobe -r)
  3. Configure the driver to ignore the device
  4. Configure your X server to not forward device events
  5. Use evkill

Option 1. is very hard if your device is a hardware button soldered onto the board. In case you attempt 2. for general purpose device or event drivers such as usbhid or evdev, you will end up with a deaf system. For most drivers 3. is only really possible at compile time or at run-time through option number 4. But who wants to mess around with X server configuration if you only need to disable a device quick an dirty? In that case use evkill.


evkill send the ioctl EVIOCGRAB to the input device. Evdev will then grant exclusive access to the input device for the evkill process. Which will on the other hand disable event forwarding to every other process as long as evkill runs. Killing the evdev process will enable enable the input device again.


$ curl | sh


usage: evkill <device>


$ sudo evkill /dev/input/event/0


  1. Install nix: curl -L | sh
  2. nix-build

Note: Find the built binary under: result/bin/evkill

Cross Compile

Using the power of nix, evkill supports cross compilation.

  • reMarkable: nix-build --arg crossTarget '"armv7l-unknown-linux-musleabi"'
  • Raspberry Pi: nix-build --arg crossTarget '"armv6l-unknown-linux-musleabi"'


We encourage you to contribute to this project 🔧 🚀 ! Please check out the Contributing guide for guidelines about how to proceed. Join us!

Development Environment

Enter a fully fledged and ready for compilation development by running nix-shell. From there, you can build evkill with cargo build.