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The free, fast & modern CDN for open source projects, WordPress, images, and any static assets.
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Statically - fast and better static files

Our mission is to make static files easy to manage and fast to deliver

What is Statically?

Statically is free, fast & modern CDN for open source projects, WordPress, images, and any static assets.

How to use?

CDN for GitHub files

CDN for GitLab files

CDN for Bitbucket files

CDN for custom endpoint images

CDN for any popular web libraries

CDN for WordPress static files

Favicons CDN

Screenshot CDN


  • Static files CDN: CDN for raw files from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and WordPress SVN with proper Content-Type header.
  • Images: free & fast image optimization and transformation.
  • Favicons: simple & powerful API to serve favicon from any domain.
  • Screenshot as a service: fast website screenshot and transformation.

See all the features of Statically on our features page.

We love ideas! Have a feature request, input, or just want to know what's the technology behind Statically? Please check our roadmap.


Statically is free, but that does not mean there is no professional support. If have any questions or maybe find a bugs, please contact us on Twitter or create an issue here.

Purge Cache

For now, you cannot manually purge files. Please use this form to submit a purge file request.


We maintains a list of files that are known to be malicious. If you find such a file on Statically, please let us know!


If you think this is useful, we'd love to hear from you. Please tweet us anything at @staticallyio with any questions, concerns or even just for say hello.


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