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User Interface Controls for Knockout

Purpose of Punchout

The Punchout Controls are a set of javascript user interface controls for Knockout (MVVM) library for Javascript. Punchout is currently up-to-date with Knockout 2.0.

Controls Currently Under Development

poGrid - A fully HTML true Knockout control with both server side and client side paging, sorting, and more. There are samples in the Examples folder.

Two Types of Controls

Punchout Design Goals

  1. Generic Punchout controls
  2. EntitySpaces Punchout controls

The EntitySpaces controls will work with and without EntitySpaces. The EntitySpaces javascript file tracks row and dirty column level changes just as does EntitySpaces in the .NET Framework.

Further Information

EntitySpaces, LLC will be contributing much to this library, however, we will be enlisting others as well.

License: MIT

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