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This is a wrapper for the Android which intercepts all command
traffic between the library and the cell modem for logging. The log messages
can be retrieved using "logcat -b radio -v time".

The wrapper has two pieces: the shared library, and a helper program. Both
of these files should be installed in /system/lib. As installed, things must
look like this:

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root          5340 Mar 27 10:25 /system/lib/
-rwsr-x---    1 root     radio         5388 Mar 27 10:17 /system/lib/rilspy_helper

That is, the helper program must be owned by root, group radio, and setuid root.
From a terminal session on the phone you can set the helper permissions by

	chown root radio /system/lib/rilspy_helper
	chmod 4750 /system/lib/rilspy_helper

To invoke it, edit /system/build.prop and change the rild property:


(Comment out the old one and add the new one)

Then reboot. Start up "adb logcat -b radio -v time" as early as possible
so the complete log can be obtained from the beginning of the boot process.

Run thru various actions - leave the phone idle for a minute or two, wake it up
(screen on), let it sleep (screen off). Toggle 2G/3G, toggle data on and off. (leave
some time between each of these steps.) Send an SMS, receive an SMS. I think
that covers the actions we need logged. For completeness' sake, make a voice call,
and answer a voice call too.

This is based on Howard Chu's rilspy for HTC devices located at, modified for use with Samsung GalaxyS series

Build Instructions:
If you already have an AOSP or CyanogenMod build tree, do the following:
1)  Execute '. build/envsetup.s' from the top of the build tree
2)  export TOP=<top of build tree>
3)  Enter each module subdirectory and run 'mm'