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maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs memcached and provides a define to set up an instance of memcache via runit"
long_description, ''))
version "1.0.0"
depends "runit"
recipe "memcached", "Installs and configures memcached"
%w{ ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "memcached/memory",
:display_name => "Memcached Memory",
:description => "Memory allocated for memcached instance",
:default => "64"
attribute "memcached/port",
:display_name => "Memcached Port",
:description => "Port to use for memcached instance",
:default => "11211"
attribute "memcached/user",
:display_name => "Memcached User",
:description => "User to run memcached instance as",
:default => "nobody"
attribute "memcached/listen",
:display_name => "Memcached IP Address",
:description => "IP address to use for memcached instance",
:default => ""
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