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While this repository is hosted on GitHub, we do not use pull requests
as the primary mechanism or workflow for contributions. We track
issues in cookbooks in our JIRA based Open Source ticket tracking
Cookbooks (this repository) use the COOK project.
When contributing changes to individual cookbooks, please do not
modify the version number in the metadata.rb. Also please do not
update the Changes section for a new version. Not all changes to a
cookbook may be merged and released in the same versions. Opscode will
handle the version updates during the release process. You are welcome
to correct typos or otherwise make updates documentation in the
If a contribution adds new platforms or platform versions, indicate
such in the body of the commit message(s), and update the relevant
COOK ticket. Also include in the COOK ticket as a comment the log
output of a successful Chef run, and the end state of the resources as
they are configured on the target system, so we know that they work on
the indicated platform.
Read more about our process for how you can contribute to Opscode Open
Source Projects:
Chef Project home pages:
* Wiki:
* Product page: