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Enttoi Arduino client-server client
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Enttoi Arduino client

The client that built from two Arduino boards:

  • First one installed in cabin itself and has sensors connected to it. This board sends state of sensor via RF transmitter to the second board. This one also called client.
  • Second one installed in place where LAN socket is available. RF receiver receives signals from the first board and forwards it to the gateway via LAN. This one also called server.

This solves an issue with unreliable WiFi connections or lack of such in cabins.

Board schematic

The following parts required:

  • Two Arduino boards
  • RF Receiver/Transmitter module
  • LAN connector
  • 2 reed switches
  • LCD Screen (optional)
  • Two 5V USB power adapters
  • Wires

All parts should be connected in the following way: Schematic

Application Configurations

Before deploying the following needs to be configured in code itself:

  • On ./server/Toil8Server.ino file find all places where Authorization: xxx appears. Replace xxx with your authorization key.


  • Deploy ./server/Toil8Server.ino to server board
  • Deploy ./client/Toil8Client.ino to client board
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