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Enttoi gateway for clients
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Enttoi Gateway

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Central gateway for Enttoi's clients. It is based on Express for serving REST API endpoint and a set of SDK's for interacting with Azure services.


  1. Ensure that NodeJS is installed.
  2. From the project folder, execute the following command:
npm install
  1. There are a few environment variables need to be set, which are located in config.js in root folder
  2. To run server, execute from root:
node app.js


When invoking API's Authorization header containing client's token must be specified

There are two enpoints exposed:

  1. POST: /client/heartbeat - receive indication that client is online. If no no heart beat received for certain amount of time, the client becomes 'offline'.
  2. POST: /sensor - for updating state of the sensor. In addition the API is also served as heart beat of the client (same as /client/heartbeat), so if state is sent frequently there is no need to call to /client/heartbeat. The following payload must be supplied:
  "sensorType": "cabin_door", // type of the sensor that reporting
  "sensorId": 1, // the identifier of specific sensor within list of types
  "state":1 // the code which corresponds to the current state of the sensor - can be either 0 or 1
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