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configs mipsel config updated Mar 1, 2018
include golang linker flags - reduce binary size Feb 26, 2018
package opkg: PKG_RELEASE++ - we change suffixes Mar 3, 2018
scripts sync with openwrt, 2018.02 Feb 12, 2018
toolchain gcc: patches updated Mar 2, 2018
tools cosmetics Feb 14, 2018
BSDmakefile initial variant to work on Oct 17, 2015 armv7 & mipselsf compile (nearly) all packages Oct 18, 2015
Makefile sync with lede/openwrt 12.2017 Dec 16, 2017
README Update Mar 9, 2018
feeds.conf added new feed 'dvb' Apr 21, 2017
feeds.conf.default update make_include... -> obsolete, use make headers Feb 21, 2017

Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng merged to become Entware

Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng decided to join forces and merge the two projects into a new project called Entware. As a result the two projects Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng will not be maintained anymore. All software and resources will be available at the new project webpage, including the documentation wiki.

More information (Russian and English) here

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