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Thank you for contributing!
Please follow issue/PR template.
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### Package: <name>
For existing package:
- expected behavior: ...
- actual behavior: ...
For new package to be added:
- make sure there's no similar package already added,
- describe killer features of new package,
- make sure it's open source and not abandoned (at least for last 5 years or so),
- please, use native compilation for additional PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python modules for non-MIPS platforms.
### Platform:
- please, tell us what feed and\or devices are you using.
- be ready to check issue-related changes or it will be closed after 30 days with "no response" status.
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Please double check that your PR is for Buildroot or existing packages in /package folder only.
Please, add new packages to appropriate feeds:
- [rtndev]( for packages which was never existed in OpenWrt before.
- [go]( for packages, written in Golang.
- [oldports]( for packages which is abandoned form OpenWrt for some reason.
- [packages](, [routing](, [telephony]( for packages, maintained by OpenWrt team.
Thanks for your contribution
Please remove this text (before ---) and fill the following template
Compile tested: (put here arch, model, version)
Run tested: (put here arch, model, version, tests done)

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