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Installing Debian chroot environment

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General Information

Entware-3x has a universal Debian installer that supports armv5, armv7, mips, mipsel, x64 feeds and different Debian codenames -stable(or jessie now), oldstable (wheezy), testing (stretch), unstable (sid). Installer is based on debootstrap openwrt (and debian) package and three more scripts. Installer works online. Prerequisites - your device needs internet connection and the latest busybox package installed - 1.25.1-2a or higher. Another option is to use extra packages installed - ar, coreutils-chroot, coreutils-readlink, xz. The installation time varies from 5 minutes on Intel Atom NAS TO 25 minutes on armv5 device.


1 Update your entware packages list and packages

opkg update
opkg upgrade

2 Install debootstrap and optionally edit scripts

opkg install debootstrap

You can edit /opt/bin/install-debian script and change the mirror site and codename. If you have armv7 device with hardware floating point support it is recommended to change ARCH=armel to ARCH=armhf. You can also edit /opt/etc/init.d/S99debian script and make your storages available to debian environment as is supposed in comments in start function.

3 Run installation script and wait (5-30 minutes)


If the installation is successful, finish it in debian environment.

4 Final installation steps are done in debian environment. To start it run

/opt/etc/init.d/S99debian start

The first thing to do in debian is to set root passwd with passwd command and to update packages list with apt-get update. It is also recommended to install and set locales and set timezone with.

apt-get install locales
dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

That is all. You can leave debian environment with exit command. S99debian script will be started automatically on next device reboot.

Debian services

Starting debian services automatically on package installation is disabled. You can start them manually in debian environment or place them in /opt/debian/chroot-services.list file one per line (use the file names from debian's /etc/init.d). Services in /opt/debian/chroot-services.list will be started automatically by /opt/etc/init.d/S99debian script that is started by entware.

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