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Compile packages from sources

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Make sure that there are at least 7 GB of free disk space. You need approx. 32 GB of free space to compile the whole repository.

Install Dependencies

Entware-ng uses OpenWrt Buildroot, please install its dependencies first. Also, there a some package-specific dependencies:

Package Dependencies
nethack flex

Clone repo

git clone
cd Entware-ng

Update package feeds

make package/symlinks

Pick up one of supported platform copying buildroot config file from configs folder. Example below uses MIPS platform config:

cp configs/mipselsf.config .config

Rebuild repo


Please refer to OpenWrt buildroot documentation for more details.


You can build one package (squid in example) with all its dependencies by:

make package/squid/compile

If something goes wrong, turn on verbose mode by adding V=s:

make package/tmux/compile V=s

You can speed up compilation on multiprocessor systems by running several build threads simultaneously by adding -jN:

make -j4 package/compile

You can run make in several steps

make tools/install
make toolchain/install
make target/compile
make package/compile

This can also be used in case you don't need to build all packages. Replace the last command with the command to build the package you need.

Error in tools or toolchain

In case there is an error in the tools/install or toolchain/install phase, and you change your configuration, remember to run a make dirclean instead of make clean. To clean only one specific part you can run a make toolchain/uClibc/headers/clean for example.

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