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Install on QNAP NAS

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Entware-ng can be installed using QPKG system. Please remove Optware if it is currently installed. Entware cannot be used simultaneously with Optware.

Download this package, then start App Center in the QNAP admin interface. Press the button labeled "Install Manually" (currently near the top-right corner of the window) and follow the instructions to install the package.

This package will autodetect NAS platform and deploy appropriate Entware binaries. Following platforms are supported:

  • armv5 (x19),
  • armv7 (x31, x41 - models x31/x31+),
  • x86-32,
  • x86-64.

On Intel based devices with 64-bit kernel you can manually choose between x64 and x32 feed by installing one of the this packages:

More details on installation are here -