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LastSync.txt sync with owrt 03.2019

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zyxmon committed Mar 1, 2019
1 parent bc39caa commit 31e8e5086cf13889344b8783000931a70a7c10e4
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commit 8ad45992acab9a2dead144d5b387fbe132ce59c1
Author: Marek Lindner <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 22:02:04 2018 +0800
commit 98f86e61ea95b482f4613795a79626c353b135c4
Author: Daniel Golle <>
Date: Fri Mar 1 06:57:40 2019 +0100

ipq40xx: fix openmesh sysupgrade with tar content out of order
mac80211: rt2x00: cleanup ePA, RXIQ and TX-LOFT code

The tar extraction depends on the order in which the files
are added to the tar file. Since the order is not guaranteed
and depends on the host system, the combined mtd write fails
with sysupgrade images built on some systems.
Fix by changing to tar file order independent mtd write.

Fixes: 86e18f6706e1 ("ipq806x: add support for OpenMesh A42")
Signed-off-by: Marek Lindner <>
Signed-off-by: Sven Eckelmann <>
consolidate patch 651-rt2x00-remove-unneccesary-code.patch.
fixup the most obvious whitespace problems in RXIQ and TX-LOFT code.
always backup registers bbpr1, bbpr4, bbpr241 and bbpr242 to avoid
compiler warning about them being potentially uninitialized.
no functional changes (intended)

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