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## Entware-ng-3x
## Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng merged to become Entware
Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng decided to join forces and merge the two projects into a new project called [Entware]( As a result the two projects [Entware-ng-3x]( and [Entware-ng]( will not be maintained anymore. All software and resources will be available at the new project webpage, including the [documentation wiki](

This is a fork of Entware-ng project:

The main differences from the original project are
- 3.x kernels are used to build toolchain. 3.4.112 is used for mips(el) and 3.2.40 is used for arm and intel;
- glibc is now a system library for all architectures including mips(el);
- glibc has a patch that allows to use separate (from the original firmware) users and passwords;
- two different installations are possible for most devices: (1) standard, (2) alternative (with serarated from firmware users);
- busybox from Entware is forced installed;

Glibc patch above moves files /etc/passwd, /etc/shaddow, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow, /etc/shells, /etc/localtime to /opt/etc folder. For most devices this allows two different instalation type.

We call standard installation - the installation where /opt/etc folder has symlinks to /etc files (passwd etc.).

We call alternative installation - the installation where /opt/etc/passwd, /opt/etc/group ... are preinstalled. This installation has root user with 12345 password. We recomend to install Entware ssh server (dropbear or openssh) in this case to take full advantages of glibc patch.


Most articles from the original Entware-ng wiki are applicale to Entware-ng-3x

Entware-ng-3x wiki - has only differnt from Entware-ng features described.

Feel free to [ask for new packages]( or report any bugs you've found.
## More information (Russian and English) here

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