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The Entware. A modern Optware replacement
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Latest commit f12a98c @ryzhovau ryzhovau Entware-ng is coming!


ARM, MIPS and x86 forks of Entware was merged into Entware-ng. Further development of this project will be continued there. Please, don't add any new issues or pull requests here.


Entware is package repository for embedded devices. These packages allow you to add new functionality to your device. Most of them taken from OpenWRT, but others are unique. It's usable by router firmwares such as DD-WRT/Tomato/AsusWRT, by Realtek RTD1073/1283/1185/1186 based players, and so on.

Getting started

Prepare USB drive, or other storage, and type:

Soft-float ( Works with both soft-float & hard-float firmwares. )

wget -O - | sh

Hard-float ( Works only with hard-float firmwares. )

wget -O - | sh

A basic packages will be deployed. See available packages:

opkg list

Install desired ones:

opkg install mc

See other OPKG commands here.

Getting more help

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