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This is software repository for embedded devices like routers or network attached storages. 2000+ packages are available at moment of writing this article.

Feel free to ask new packages here, if your request will be supported by one or more users, it will be added to repo. Be ready to provide a feedback about package you asked before.


It was founded as an alternative to very outdated Optware packages. Within five years of development a several Entware forks was born to run on NASes, PCs and new ARM routers. Now x86, x64, MIPS, ARMv5 and ARMv7 forks are merged into Entware-ng. Now Entware-ng-3x and Entware-ng merged to become Entware. It's maintained by the same team as Entware-ng/-3x before.


See Install on... from right column to find out how to use Entware on your device. If you are using some unlisted device, make sure the few very basic requirements are met:

  • ARMv5, ARMv7, ARMv8(aarch64), MIPS, MIPSEL and x64 platform.
  • rewritable /opt folder (as a part of rootfs or external drive).
  • ability to run /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start after boot and /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung stop before shutdown.
  • (optional) ability to run /opt/etc/profile for interactive ssh/telnet session.

See Upgrade from... from right column if you've got working Entware-ng/-3x installation.

Using repo

Entware uses OPKG package manager, detailed help can be found here. Lets find transmission packages and install it's Web UI with dependencies, just for example:

# opkg update
Updated list of available packages in /opt/var/opkg-lists/entware.

# opkg list transmission*
transmission-cli - 2.84-4 - CLI utilities for transmission.
transmission-daemon - 2.84-4 - Transmission is a simple BitTorrent client.
 It features a very simple, intuitive interface
 on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.
 This package contains the daemon itself.
transmission-remote - 2.84-4 - CLI remote interface for transmission.
transmission-web - 2.84-4 - Webinterface resources for transmission.

# opkg install transmission-web
Installing transmission-web (2.84-4) to root...
Installing transmission-daemon (2.84-4) to root...

See Using... articles from right column to find out some use cases.

Note about packages upgrade

In some rare cases you can fall into issue when new package wont start:

# opkg update
# opkg upgrade
# minidlna
minidlna: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Unfortunately, opkg is too simple to track down minidlna dependencies has been changed and minidlna should be re-installed too. So, you have to do that manually:

# opkg --autoremove remove minidlna
# opkg install minidlna


Entware uses OpenWrt buildroot to compile packages. Some of packages came from OpenWrt, others are unique. We sync our sources with OpenWrt feeds and update our own packages approx. once per month, catching bugs and adding some enhancements all other time.

See how to Compile packages from sources if you wish to edit or add packages.

Every binary from the repo uses no library from outside the /opt folder. No kernel modules are provided as long as they may be (and will be!) incompatible with current firmware.


There is no any central forum for Entware users, different devices are discussed in separate threads:

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