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Envelop is a nonprofit organization that amplifies the unifying power of music through immersive listening spaces and open source spatial audio software.

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The mission of Envelop is to unite people through communal immersive listening. We provide a space for listening that allows anyone to feel connection, joy and love. Our immersive audio venues envelop the audience with 32 speakers, amplifying the profound experience of listening together. We host immersive sound experiences that range from live performances and listening parties, to wellness events and educational workshops that feature Envelop for Live our free and open-source immersive audio software tools. Our listening spaces include Envelop SF, Envelop SLC, Envelop Stream, an online space, and Envelop Pop-up, a portable space that can go anywhere. In over five-hundred events and thousands of community members, we have witnessed the simple and joyful act of immersive listening unite neighbors and heal divides.

Envelop for Live (E4L) is an open-source audio production framework for spatial audio composition and performance. Envelop for Live operates within the music production environment of Ableton Live 10+ and Max for Live. Envelop for Live is designed to be a highly modular, flexible platform for artists to compose and perform spatial audio, and for developers to create new kinds of audio effects for the Ambisonics domain.

Getting Started

E4L makes use of the advanced routing capabilities in Live 10+ and Max for Live. Before continuing, make sure that you have installed both of these packages.

Envelop for Live Devices

More detailed manuals are available for each of the devices.

E4L Core

Panners + Sources

Delay + Reverb Effects

HOA Utilities and Effects

Envelop LED Control

EnvelopLX is an interactive LED lighting application for Envelop, which enables synchronized control over lighting patterns and animation in LED-enabled Envelop spaces. It also offers a 3D simulation UI, so that lighting effects can be rehearsed and prepared when working outside of a physical Envelop space.

More detailed manuals are available for each of the LED devices:

Advanced Usage

Are you an audio developer, or interested in configuring a custom Envelop system?