API, admin app and backend for EnviroMonitor project
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Latest commit 97b566a Feb 21, 2017 @lechup lechup committed on GitHub API cleanup - adding last_metering
* added CACHES to settings
* added Station.last_metering with cache
* fix of FuzzyFloat in factories, created FuzzyFloadRound
* some other minior factories fixes
* added tests for StationAPI
* `Station.last_metering` is cached until HW station do not upload new metering throught `station-detail/add_metering/` endpoint
* fixing @khasinski suggestions
* reversing order -  cache invalidation + Metering creation in add_metering


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API and simple web interface for EnviroMonitor project. Powered by Django

EnviroMonitorWeb provides backend API to which your air quality sensors can send data. It also provides monitoring station management, user management and simple frontend to present data. You can use this project to start awareness campaign in you local area.

Development with Docker and docker-compose

You can get this project up and running in a traditional way with virtual environment + postgis config, but it is much easier to run it using docker.

To start development:

  1. install docker and docker-compose
  2. run docker-compose build to build web container
  3. run docker-compose up web to test web and db containers
  4. run docker-compose run web python manage.py migrate to apply migrations
  5. run docker-compose run web python manage.py createsuperuser to create admin account

To run project:

  1. run docker-compose up web
  2. point your browser to localhost:8080
  3. press CTRL+C to stop


  1. To run command inside container you can use run entrypoint command. I.e. sudo docker-compose run web py.test -s --cov=. --cov-report=html to run unit tests and check coverage. I.e. sudo docker exec -it enviromonitorweb_db_1 psql -U docker -d docker when you want access to database

API documentaion:

Check http://localhost:8080/api/v1/docs/ to find full REST API documentation.