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Source code for the RICE+Aerosol Impacts and Responses Model (RICE+AIR)
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RICE + Aerosol Impacts and Responses Model (RICE+AIR)

This repository contains source code for the RICE+AIR model presented in The Impact of Human Health Co-benefits on Evaluations of Global Climate Policy, (Scovronick et al., Nature Communications, 2019). RICE+AIR is written in the Julia programming language and uses the Mimi framework for integrated assessment model development.

Software Requirements

RICE+AIR works with Julia 1.0 and later versions.

After downloading Julia, the required packages can be installed by executing the following commands using Julia's builtin package manager Pkg:


Running RICE+AIR

(1) Open up Julia and set your current working directory to the rice_air folder.


(2) The user_interface.jl file in the src folder contains options that make it possible to run RICE+AIR with different model settings. Users can change any value/setting under the RICE+AIR Parameters to Change and Choices About Your Analysis & Optimzation headings. After making any changes, resave the user_interface.jl file.

(3) Next, run the user_interface.jl file. This will evaluate RICE+AIR to find the optimal climate policy and will also save several key results in the results folder.


Note on Cloning the repository

This git repository uses a git submodule for the Mimi implementation of RICE2010. To ensure the submodule gets properly downloaded, make sure to use the git --recurse-submodules option when cloning the repository. If you cloned the repository without that option, you can issue the following two git commands to make sure the submodule is present on your system: git submodule init, followed by git submodule update.


If you have any trouble downloading the code or running RICE+AIR, please contact Frank Errickson at


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