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Executable .jar


It is a maze game in which 2 players have to compete to get the chest and bring it home. They have to move according to the beats of music.


Tileset from 0x72


  • Unified Mosaic style UI

  • Image sequence based Animation in AniManager and FrameAnim

  • Music play and beat match in AudioManager

  • Game map creating in MazeGenerator

  • Character selection and weapon selection in Characterselection

  • CharacterselectionModel for store the state of changing weapon or changing character

  • Game scene generation according to game map created by user.

    GameController is responsible for all gameplay logic and beat animation

    GameModel is responsible for game data management and wall type calculation

  • Player control is implemented in Player which is responsible for keyboard events and some player animation.

  • Utils include some utility functions like color interpolation and value clamp

  • GLOBAL is responsible to store some CONSTANTS and to facilitate data communication between different classes


  • Player movement is not animated as it may take sometime for the Player to move, the time consumption may influence the player to operate next movement
  • Character selection doesn't include hat/pants customization as we can not find suitable free image resources for this purpose
  • Realtime beats detection is not implemented as it requires external library.

How to use

This project was created using Intellij IDEA. But you can also open it in Eclipse

a)Run the main function in class Main

b)Use keyboard to move players together to start game

c)Start Playing

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