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remove io:format when using latin1 encoding #32

TheSquad opened this Issue · 2 comments

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TheSquad Eonblast Corporation Henning Diedrich

Hi, would it be possible to remove in the repository the io:format used to check if encoding has been done correctly... I can affirm that it does work correctly without any glitch, for using it a certain time now.

The code is in the emysql_util.erl file at line 196 and 198...

Unless there is a good reason to keep it in here, in this case I'll keep edit the file by hand, thanks !

Henning Diedrich hdiedrich was assigned
Eonblast Corporation Eonblast referenced this issue from a commit
Eonblast Corporation issue #32 fixed 5366604
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Eonblast Corporation

Fixed, thanks a lot!


No, thank you !

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