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Project is work in progress.

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Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool for using the Kontist API which under the hood relies on their marvelous GraphQL API Kontist Javascript SDK


  • login and use multiple account(s)
  • show status & current balance
  • list & filter transaction(s)
  • subscribe to incoming transactions
  • create transfer
  • list, show, block, unblock card(s)

See list of "ideas" for upcoming features …


npm install kontist-cli


npx kontist-cli


Obtain valid client id for authentication. Request your client id in the API Client Management on

Create Access- & Refresh Token (valid for 1year) and store in system user preferences (using nconf package):

kontist-cli login <oauth-client-id> <username>

You’ll be promted for the password. There’s also the ability to setup multiple accounts.


The command-line-tool does not include any table formater or filtering mechanism as there are other nice tools for that like table-printer-cli for formatting JSON output to a nice-looking table and jq for transforming and filtering JSON.


Both tools in combination can be used to create a nice-looking, customizable list of transactions:

kontist-cli transactions | jq -c 'map({bookingDate,valutaDate,amount,name,iban})' | npx table-printer-cli -s

List transactions between two dates:

kontist-cli transactions --from 2022-02-01 --to 2022-02-28


Create a standing order that repeats every month

kontist-cli transfer 3000 GB33BUKB20201555555555 "Hulk Hogan" "Wrestling Club Membership fee" \
    --note "created after entering the wrestling club" \
    --repeat MONTHLY \
    --last 2022-12-31

Wait until you receive the confirmation code and enter it when prompted. You’ll also get a confirmation before the transaction is made.


Some commands rely on the systems LC_ALL, LC_TIME, or LC_NUMERIC variables to format monetary values or provide additional formatted dates. The balance sub-command:

$ LC_ALL=de-de kontist-cli balance
50,20 €


All comands print out JSON to make it easy to filter and process the output using jq and other tools like [ctp(table-printer-cli)


  • balance (kontist-cli balance, returns availableBalance)
    • get current balance
    • different output when availableBalance doesn’t match balance
    • add notification when card fraud is on
  • option to permanently set different LC_ALL
  • status command returns current overall status (kontist-cli account)
  • validate IBAN (checksum)
  • prevent invalid characters in purpose, e2eid
  • add multiple output formats
    • --pretty as table
    • --json as json (default)
    • --plain as tsv (easy for additional processing with xargs)
  • multi-account
    • add account (name defaults to "default")
      kontist-cli account login --account myalias <client-id> <username>
    • add account with named alias
      kontist-cli account login --name myAlias <client-id> <username>
    • list accounts kontist-cli accounts list
    • remove account with alias kontist-cli account delete <alias>
    • use specific account
      kontist-cli transfer create --account accountName <iban> <recipient> <amount>
  • cards
    • list kontist-cli cards list
      • including card settings
      • including card limits
    • get specific card kontist-cli cards <id>
    • block kontist-cli cards block <id> (changeCardStatus)
    • unblock kontist-cli cards unblock <id> (changeCardStatus)
    • replace kontist-cli cards replace <id> (replaceCard)
    • reorder kontist-cli cards reorder <id> (reorderCard)
    • update card settings / limits
  • invoice
    • list
    • update invoice
      • add product
      • remove product
    • create invoice
    • delete invoice
  • money format?
  • currency?
  • transfers
    • make it easier to repeat transactions
      • proposal: re-use transactions by id
      • proposal: auto-completion for kontist-cli transfer arguments
      • proposal: address-book like presets?
    • list
    • cancel (mutation cancelTransfer & confirmCancelTransfer)
      kontist-cli transfer cancel <id>
    • create
      • enable IBAN with spacing
      • convert umlauts to eu, ß to ss
      • normal order
        kontist-cli transfer create [amount] [iban] [recipient] [purpose] \     --executeAt <executionDate>
      • confirmation mfa
      • timed order
        kontist-cli transfer create [amount] [iban] [recipient] [purpose] \
            --at <executionDate>
      • standing order with additional StandingOrderReoccurenceType
        kontist-cli transfer create [amount] [iban] [recipient] [purpose] \
            --executeAt <executionDate>` \
            --last <optionalDate> \
            --repeat <reoccurenceType>;
    • update
  • transactions
    • list
      • limit transactions
      • search transactions
      • paginate transactions
      • filter transactions
        • by iban(s)
        • short filter for incoming / outgoing
          kontist-cli transactions list --outgoing
          kontist-cli transactions list --incoming
        • by date-range
          kontist-cli transactions list --from 2021-01-01 --to 2021-02-32
        • by date-range names
          kontist-cli transactions list this-month;
          kontist-cli transactions list last-month;
          kontist-cli transactions list this-year;
          kontist-cli transactions list today;
          kontist-cli transactions list yesterday;
    • listen for new transactions (
  • cli auto-completion
  • cli tui interface
    • list transactions
    • show details of transaction
    • new transaction
  • maintenance tasks
    • publish on NPM
    • use version from package.json
    • setup semantic release
    • setup discussions

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