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Better Fuzzy Matching for emacs Helm
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This package provides more intuitive fuzzy matching behavior for Helm. Available on MELPA.

helm-fuzzier makes sure the the best matches appear on the list. For query highlighting and sorting results by quality, install helm-flx.


  (require 'helm-fuzzier)
  (helm-fuzzier-mode 1)

helm-fuzzier will only enhance matching for sources that have fuzzy-matching enabled, so be sure to enable fuzzy-matching for the sources you're interested in by setting the appropriate variable (helm-M-x-fuzzy-match, helm-mode-fuzzy-match, helm-apropos-fuzzy-match, etc').


Any query that currently works for you should generally continue to do so. However, when helm-fuzzier-mode is enabled, a query that:

  • Begins with the same letter as the desired match.
  • Is formed by stringing together two or more prefixes from the words that make up the match.

... should nearly always result in the match you're looking for appearing in the top few results.

Example Queries:

  • el, em, elm, eli, elmo, should all match emacs-lisp-mode.
  • plp, plpa, paclp, should all match package-list-packages.
  • hcn, hnl, hecl, should all match helm-candidate-number-limit.

Try toggling helm-fuzzier-mode on and off and compare the results you get with and without helm-fuzzier.


  • Emacs >= 24.3
  • Helm >= 1.7.0


See source code for more detailed information on the implementation.

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