A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct.
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#Tinkers' Steelworks

A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct.

##Builds ""Stable"" releases are found on github.

Dev builds can be found on TehNut's Jenkins.

##Issue reporting Please include the following:

  • Minecraft version
  • Forge version/build
  • Tinkers' Construct version (if available)
  • Tinkers' Steelworks version
  • Versions of any mods potentially related to the issue
  • Any relevant screenshots are greatly appreciated.
  • For crashes:
    • Steps to reproduce
    • ForgeModLoader-client-0.log (the FML log) from the root folder of the client

Project Style

Indentation is 1 tab character. Braces on same line. Braces may be omitted for single-statement conditions and loops, with the statement indented on the next line. Sun/Oracle guidelines for everything else.


Releases follow the major.minor.revision-buildnum scheme. For more information, please read http://semver.org/

##Licenses Most code is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

##Modpacks You're free to include this mod in any modpack

##Minetweaker support TSteelworks comes with built-in minetweaker3 support, here is a list of available methods:

###High oven fuel

// Adds a valid High Oven fuel (ItemStack fuel, int burnTime, int heatRate)
mods.tsteelworks.highoven.addFuel(<minecraft:stone>, 20, 1000);

###High oven meltables

// Makes an itemstack meltable in the high oven (ItemStack input, boolean isOre, FluidStack output, int meltTemp)
mods.tsteelworks.highoven.addMeltable(<minecraft:dirt>, true, <liquid:iron.molten> * 72, 1500);

###Mixing agents These are used in mixs (like redstone + gunpowder + sand [+ liquid iron] => liquid steel)

// agents are managed using oredict, you need to pass it as a string (we're weirdos)
// An agent can only be an oxidizer, a reducer or a purifier, not more than one at a time
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addOxidizer(String agent, int consumeChance)
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addReducer(String agent, int consumeChance)
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addPurifier(String agent, int consumeChance)

mods.tsteelworks.mix.removeAgent(String agent)

###Mix recipes

// agents used in here must be registered.
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addFluidMix(FluidStack input, String oxidizer, String reducer, String purifier, FluidStack output)
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addSolidMix(FluidStack input, String oxidizer, String reducer, String purifier, ItemStack output)
mods.tsteelworks.mix.addMix(FluidStack input, String oxidizer, String reducer, String purifier, FluidStack outputLiquid, ItemStack outputSolid)

mods.tsteelworks.mix.removeMix(FluidStack input, String oxidizer, String reducer, String purifier)

##Notice Much of the code and structure of this project is heavily based on projects by SlimeKnights. Even this readme file is partially lifted from said projects. ^_^ This project is meant to compliment their efforts.