Disambiguating EDH person RDF

Gabriel Bodard edited this page May 15, 2017 · 4 revisions

Initial discussion: Monday, May 15, 2017 (morning)

Members: Gabriel Bodard, Núria García Casacuberta, Tom Gheldof, Rada Varga

  1. Add PIR references to EDH (all of the below to be generated by Python script, only when unambiguous):

    a. EDH includes PIR references, only for non-emperors, in “literature,” as plain text. The EpiDoc files contain this in a in the div[type=bibliography];

    b. If there is only one person reference for a given inscription, and that inscription has a PIR ref in its literature, then we can add the PIR ref to the RDF for that person ref (preferably using the SNAP URI);

    c. If there are multiple person references for an inscription, and that inscription has only one PIR ref in literature, then we can compare the first letter of the "nomen" in EDH to the letter of the PIR volume. If there is an unambiguous match (i.e. only one person whose nomen starts with that letter) we can add the PIR ref to the RDF;

    d. ...

  2. Link person refs that have the same PIR ref

  3. Use TM…