EDH and Pelagios location disambiguation

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Participants: Paula Granados, Valeria Vitale, Franco , Angie Lumezeanu, Thomas Kollatz, Hugh Cayless, Tim Hill. Pelagios implementation of EDH data.

The RDF that EDH uses just points to Geo-names. Can we link those with Pleaides? Integration of Trimegistos with Peripleo maps. Could we do the same with EDH? Pelagios is a kind of portal website (aggregator) that refers you to other gazetteers so if one of the gazetteers makes any change, then these changes should be applied in pelagios.

• Data disambiguation and mapping. 
	○ Download the data and see what things can be linked together. 
	○ Alignment with Trimegistos collections.  

TM geo: gazetteer with more than 50,000 names from Antiquity aligned with Pleaides, Wikipedia or any possible ID. Since the Linked Past conference TM has been trying to align with Pelagios. It has happened with 10,000. How can we now receive the links from the other gazetteers? Maybe using the Trimegistos ID as identifier then you can receive the information of all the other identifiers. EDH has created geo Ids and aligned them to Pelagios.

How can you get back from Pelagios the links to other gazetteers?

Script that goes to Pelagios to receive the URIs to the other gazetteers for the TM place name. For Londinium for example, Tm has many EDH ids (places were inscriptions have been found). Use Pelagios as an aggregator?

1. Query the data through the Git hub - API 
2. Peripleo is de geographic interface
3. Script that connects peripleo API to get a response that links Trimegistos to EDH to see what is there. 
4. What do you do if you find a mismatch?
5. EDH is already aligned to Pelagios but not as a gazetteer. Would EDH be interested in be shown as a gazetteer?
6. Giant ecosystem where everyone points to each other?
7. From the JSON file we are going to try and get each geographic ID and match it to TM to implement the data. 

JSON à Pleiades id à EDH id --> EDH text   XML à TM id Pleaides id   Can EDF ids be matched to TM ids?

Possible path: EDH geo JSON. Get a list of EDH text id and EDH geo id. And once we get the list: 1. We parse it. 2. Geo data alignment between the EDH geo id and the TM geo ids. Make EDH more visible in future work.

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