Images and image metadata

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Participants: Sarah Middle, Angie Lumezeanu, Simona Stoyanova

This working group discussed the issues of copyright, metadata formats, image extraction and licence transparency. We attempted to track down copyright information on images in EDH (complex problem but we could start with the EDH images in the EAGLE MediaWiki), download images in bulk, and explored the possibility of embedding metadata in the images in IPTC format.

  1. Downloading images

    a. from EDH server: image batch download Python script is in the GitHub repo at

    b. from EAGLE Media Wiki:

     - all open access, so we are certain we can work on them 
     - compare to EDH photos to avoid duplication
  2. Image metadata (future work)

    a. embed metadata into images where open access certain

    b. map photo id to inscription id (from XML file)

    c. extract batches of images per province

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