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With the lists of ids that Mark Depaw provided to Silvia Orlandi and the ones I had for smaller former EAGLE Europeana Content Providers, I have put together a simple RESTXQ data API to query for parallel ids. It is a working draft with several errors not handled yet, but is easily extensible and easy to amend according to needs.

This has been used by IDEA/EAGLE to update the id matchings and the TM ids in the EAGLE data, and might be used as a stable reference by the app instead of hand committed lists occasionally reworked.

These lists have been converted from csv, stored and indexed in existDB as files with this structure:

<matches xmlns="http://eagle-network.eu/ids">
<!--all other insc-->
<!--all other insc-->

Further lists can be fed to the app as a simple upload and are indexed automatically becoming immediately available. Off course this needs not to be limited to EAGLE CP data.

For example this query http://betamasaheft.eu/api/eagle/290111

takes a TM id and returns the corresponding ids from the lists of ids I have. It can take a parameter source with the following values:

  • tm (default when nothing specified), edh, edr, edcs, he or edb. the other values are not specified because the list I have are based on comparison with EDH, not to trismegistos. this means that




will give the same response.

If you want the response in XML instead of JSON you can specify /xml/ as in the following example.The format of the response is the one used by DNet for EAGLE.


specifying uri instead of xml will return json with the full uri instead of just the ids.


also the complete paginated lists are available in JSON or XML:

http://betamasaheft.eu/api/eagleids http://betamasaheft.eu/api/eagleids/xml

here one can use a parameter start to navigate the paginated results. It will return any way 100 results at a time.

Since EDCS has 491518 TMids, but I have in total in these list 494740 different TMids, there is also the possibility to query a list of all TMids assigned to EAGLE data.


a test list for one partner data, not yet parametrized is also available here


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